We are Artesana Tile, a luxury artisan tile shop located in the sunny Tucson, AZ desert. We specialize in handmade, one of a kind pieces for your home. Founded in 2008 by Karen Kraetz, Artesana has been Tucson’s premier artisan tile shop for 15 years. In 2021 Karen decided to retire and live her best life on a beach in Mexico; this is when new owners Dani and Thomas took over. They moved the shop slightly north to it’s Dodge Blvd location and made it their mission to carry on the legacy of Artesana.

With access to over 50 brands, we can help you design the spaces of your dreams. Our team has over 20 combined years of experience in the design industry and are here to help you every step of the way. Our studio is located in central Tucson, and offers an inspiring place to let your creativity run wild.

meet the team

Trained in architecture, Dani’s spent a large chunk of her design career working with builders. During this time she realized the power of thoughtfully designed tile and its ability to transform spaces. She loves bright colors, bold patterns and anything unexpected. Experiential design is her passion, when good design makes you feel something that’s when she knows her job has been done.  

dani Williams

Thomas is kind of a big deal in the pizza world. He has run successful restaurants, managed a large scale catering company and won multiple pizza competitions. When the pandemic hit he was forced to shift focus and took his business skills to a new level - artisan tile. He manages all things business related, making sure Artesana runs as efficiently as possible.

thomas Garnick

The O.G. of Artesana, Sara has been with the company for over 8 years. She loves perfectly imperfect materials with lots of soul and character. She's a stickler for keeping selections true to the architecture for a look that stands the test of time and surpasses fleeting trends. She has two adorable puppies, Clarence and Olive, who frequent the shop often. If you’re lucky they might even weigh in on your tile selections.

sara jobs

veronica Ortiz

Veronica is a deeply creative soul. From making custom t-shirts to designing our next social media post to styling the showroom she is always making something beautiful. She describes her style as rustic farmhouse, but isn’t afraid of bright pops of color. Growing up close to the US/ Mexico border, her aesthetic was influenced by the vibrant culture around her. Thankfully not only her design was inspired during this time, as she makes the best salsa you will ever taste.

meet the Interns










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