We are a very small boutique studio that isn’t self serve friendly. Many of our lines have customizable options, minimums and specific usage requirements that aren’t apparent if you haven’t met with us before. We want to be able to guide you through the selection process and give you a completely custom experience. When you make an appointment we are able to guide you through the design process and find options that fit within your budget and personal style.

1. Be upfront about your budget from the start for materials. It saves everyone involved a lot of time and energy. It doesn't behoove you to go through the entire design process, order custom samples, and fall in love with a tile that is way out of line with your budget. We excel at mixing materials of different price points and suggesting layouts that fit within your budget, but if we don't know what that budget is then we don't know how to guide you.

2. Timing- Please be sure to communicate your timeframe from the start. While some of the materials we showcase are stocked with our vendors in various parts of the country and we are able to have it in as little as a week, our specialty is tile made by artisans specifically for your project. This bespoke quality is what we embrace and is what really sets our offerings above those of other tile stores. Because these tiles are handmade they require a lead time to be produced. Every vendor is different in their lead times, and because many of our vendors are very small operations the lead time can often vary depending on what they already have in the production queue before we place our order. 6-8 weeks is a typical lead time for many of our vendors, though some are faster and some are much longer.

3. Usage- Not all tiles are appropriate for all applications. Please let us know the intended usage of your tile so we can guide you to the appropriate materials, whether it be a shower, a steam shower, an outdoor covered patio, outdoor and exposed to the elements, a pool waterline, a fountain, a backsplash, etc.

4. Know what you are okay with regarding how the material wears and any maintenance required. So many people will ask "is this okay for....?" The answer is usually subjective to your expectations. For example I'll always hear the blanket statement that marble is bad for countertops, which is just not the case at all and in fact marble has been used in European bakeries for centuries. They simply don't fret over how the material changes and patinas with use and time. It tells a story. It etches and can stain, but to me this adds to the soul and character of the material. If those little imperfections and stains are going to drive you crazy and you want the material to look the same as the day you installed it, then it is not the right selection for you. Same with tile. There are varying degrees of maintenance, wearability, and porosity for each material.

5. Order enough tiles from the start. In a perfect installation, you should have some tile left over. Store it in the garage and think of it as your little insurance policy if there's an issue down the road, such as plumbing that requires tear out or as simple as a single cracked tile. You should always order enough tile for cuts, breakage, and waste. With custom artisan tiles, add-ons are costly, take time, and may not always match.

We offer basic solutions and ideas when you come in for your appointment. We do offer detailed design services including digital mock ups and drawings for a fee. Let us know about what you are looking for and we will tell you how we can help!

No, everything in the showroom has to be ordered. We offer many “Quick Ship” items that arrive in about a week- two. Most of our products are made to order, meaning the artist makes your tile specifically for you. These lead times can vary anywhere from 4- 16 weeks. Depending on your timeline we can make recommendations for things that will arrive by the time you need them.

We do not, however we have an excellent list of installers who we have worked with over the years who understand the nuances of art tile. Just let us know if you need us to share the list.

Our warehouse is across the street from the studio at 3444 N Dodge blvd.  Make sure to give us a heads up when you are on your way to pickup so we can make sure we have someone to help you load up.

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